Is The Position of Vera Baird As Police And Crime Commissioner For Northumbria Tenable?

(This question was forwarded to be asked at Berwick Upon Tweed Town Council meeting tonight which Vera Baird was in attendance. Unfortunately due to the volume of questions submitted, it was not asked, therefore am publishing here – and will also forward to local media outlets)

Are the sexist and discriminatory actions and view points of Ms. Vera Baird bringing Northumbria Police into disrepute?

Undoubtedly Ms. Baird must be credited for spearheading many progressive campaigns in the areas of abuse prevention and awareness.

However, Ms. Baird’s sexist attitudes have been blatant right from the offset of her campaign to become Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria. Ms. Baird made clear throughout her campaign that her intentions were to prioritise tackling violence against women. Since when did crimes against one gender become more important than those committed against another?

Recently Ms. Baird has come under tremendous amount flak from members of the public, (including victims of abuse, both male and female) over a force campaign targeting abuse which has been vocally deemed by many to be sexist.

On the Northumbria Police Crime Commissioner website Ms. Baird said in regard to this abuse campaign, “This strategy sets down in black and white exactly what we will be doing in the north east to ensure we are at the forefront of work to protect women and girls.” ?

Abuse is Universal & does not affect one gender. All of Ms. Baird’s statements published online refer to the victims as females and the offenders as male.

The posters released for this abuse campaign exhibit the same bias. The offenders are portrayed as male, the victims as female. What does this do to help to encourage male victims, whether man or boy, to come forward?

Well one male abuse victim did come forward. He politely questioned Ms. Baird on the bias of the campaign and posters.

Ms. Baird’s response to a valid question was to show zero empathy, compassion or professionalism towards the male abuse victim who questioned her campaign. Indeed, Ms. Baird’s response was an act of passive aggression as she responded by blocking the gentleman from her twitter accounts for daring to question her bias campaign.

Her blocking this abuse victim and the sexism of her campaign has resulted in thousands of online complaints and has drew much media attention. IPCC and Advertising standards have also received numerous complaints.

Ms. Baird denies any knowledge that she “knowingly” blocked a male domestic abuse victim on her Twitter account(s) after he complained about the ‘female bias’ of the police campaign. The gentleman in question provided and published screen shot evidence that Ms. Baird had blocked him from both her official PCC twitter account and her personal twitter account.

It is not possible for one with all faculties in place to ‘unwittingly’ block another user on twitter.

It is not a mistake a person can make on mouse-over for example. To block a user involves making several decisive clicks and then actively selecting to block that individual.

So, unless Ms Baird is implying she has problems with her faculties, Ms. Baird must be fully aware that she blocked this abuse victim intentionally, and on not one, but two of her twitter accounts.

How can the public of Northumberland have trust in Ms. Baird to carry out her role as Police & Crime Commissioner given such bias and her outright refusal to take responsibility for her actions?

It is also noted that Ms. Baird, who blocked this gentleman back in December 2015, took the rather clumsy and belated step of unblocking him from her official IPCC twitter account in January of this year. This rather sad gesture coincides with the dates that ‘spokespersons’ for Northumbria Police attempted to clear up Ms. Baird’s ‘mess’ by releasing statements in response to the complaints. To date, Ms. Baird has made no attempt to apologise to this male abuse victim who has stated he was mortified by Ms. Baird’s actions.

I am aware that many police officers within Northumbria Police are rightly proud of the progress they continue to make in dealing with abuse and honour crimes. Therefore it must be asked, If Ms. Baird is the right person for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner of Northumbria if her personal actions are undermining public confidence in the good work Northumbria Police Officers are carrying out?

Given that our Police and Crime Commissioners are required to pledge an oath to represent ‘all sections of the public without fear or favour’ and to act with impartiality, might Ms. Baird reconsider that she is fit to stand for re election as PCC for Northumberland?



#OpUnited Call to Arms for #Anonymous in #Solidarity with #Abuse Victims – #AnonUK #CSAInquiry

#OpUnited #Anonymous #AnonUK #CSAInquiry

(Important Updates Below – New Protest Venues Added!)

Greeting Citizens of the World.

We have had requests from several child sex abuse victims, abuse advocates & campaigners asking #Anonymous to join forces with them in a street protests against child sex abuse, CSAInquiry delays, cover ups and the lack of legal action against all types of abusers.

This is a call to arms to all of #AnonFamily to show solidarity with victims and help to support these demonstrations against abuse in any way you can.

The demonstrations will take place at:
10am on Saturday 11th April in Parliament Square, London.
12 noon on Saturday 11th April at Holyrood Park, Edinburgh.
11am on Saturday 11th April at Liverpool Museum, march to Albert Docks, Liverpool.
10am on Saturday 11th at the Town Hall, Manchester.
12 noon on Saturday 11th April in Victoria Square, Birmingham.

Enough is enough, for way too long now the victims who have survived their abuse, and that have not been tortured and murdered, as is the case for too many,  have agonisingly seen NO justice as the #CSAInquiry is perpetually delayed, thus increasing numbers of prolific high level abusers are dead and buried before their horrendous crimes come to light.

Whistle-blowers are being wrongfully arrested, discredited and they, and often their families too, are attacked by the powers that be for exposing the child abusers who operate within the system and walk amidst the uppermost echelons of our society.
It is time to end the imprisonment of whistle-blowers for standing up for justice.

This is child abuse taking place on an industrial scale, indeed it is highly organised crime, permitted and committed by people within every level of power & Authority.
This is not just about paedophiles and organised abuse rings working out with the law, but all too often in conjunction with elements of the very people that society and the most vulnerable within our communities ought to be able to trust the most.
It is time to demand the arrests of VIP abusers, their collaborators and those who share equal guilt via their silence, to end the cover ups and for transparency to be reached on every level of investigations and inquiries.

From Sex Abuse victims, to those abused and neglected because they are disabled, old, mentally afflicted, and vulnerable in and way shape or form, it is time for the UK to rise up and say no more!

Generations of victims have seen no justice for their unimaginable sufferings. It is time to raise YOUR voice for victims NOW so that our next generations are neither abused nor silenced.

You can support #OpUnited by attending the protests, encouraging your friends and family to attend.
Spreading this #Op link and information on child sex abuse via your social media accounts.
Blogging or publishing via media sources about #OpUnited & the upcoming demonstrations.
Making and publishing art work & videos to inform the public about #OpUnited
Livestreaming & taking photos at the #OpUnited demonstrations.

We have in #Anonymous proven how much support we can give to victims of abuse and via #OpVendetta the mass numbers of #AnonFam who can and will take to the streets in protest.
Please show your utmost solidarity for these victims of despicable crimes…

It’s time to unleash the fury with feet on the streets!
“Whose Streets? Our Streets!”

Make banners, posters, bring whistles, bring drums – make some noise!
10am on Saturday 11th April in Parliament Square, London.
12 noon on Saturday 11th April at Holyrood Park, Edinburgh.
11am on Saturday 11th April at Liverpool Museum, march to Albert Docks, Liverpool.
10am on Saturday 11th at the Town Hall, Manchester.
12 noon on Saturday 11th April in Victoria Square, Birmingham.

United against all abuse and paedophiles – No more abuse!

TY for reading and any support you can give to #OpUnited – TiS

We are #Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget

#Anonymous #AnonUK #OpUnited

P.S #OpUnited Phase 2 – #WhiteFlowers will be launched shortly after the upcoming General Election.

P.SS No illegal activity will be involved in #OpUnited.

Huge thanks to @AnonymousVideo for the vid!